Month: January 2017

Twice-Baked Avocado Potatoes

A mixture of avocado and Greek yogurt creates a creamy and rich center for these cheese-topped baked potatoes. You’re getting potassium from the potatoes, calcium from the cheese, and healthy fats from the avocado—cramps be gone!  Read more…


Lemon-Ginger Zing Cubes

A strong (emphasis on strong) ginger flavor dominates and helps soothe an upset stomach, while the tart lemon delivers a bright flavor. If you’re experiencing pregnancy or chemotherapy-related nausea, pop one first thing in the morning or whenever nausea strikes. Or plop one or two into a glass of seltzer water for a sort of homemade lemon-ginger ale. Read more…


How to Get “In Shape” After Baby

Healthy after baby

This is a question we get SO often from friends, family, and clients. Most moms find their worlds completely flipped upside down after having a child. In addition to a new amazing kind of love, it’s likely that you’ll also experience the kind of sleep deprivation that could drive anyone mad. And in moments when […] Read more…


Starbucks Has A New Drink And Sous Vide Egg Bites (And We Tried Them!)

Tonight we got to try Starbucks’ newest latte offering, the Cascara Latte, and their new food option, the Sous Vide Egg Bites. The latte will be available to Starbucks Rewards members on Friday January 5th and to everyone on Tuesday January 10th. The sous vide egg cups will be available starting Tuesday January 10th. We’ll […] Read more…


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