• Cooking With Honey

    If you're making a recipe that uses both oil and honey, measure the oil first and then use that same cup/spoon to measure the honey. The oil residue will help the honey release fully from the measuring utensil. Or, spray your measuring cup/spoon with oil before measuring honey and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy your clean-up is. No sticky mess!




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Dorm-room Nutrition Part 1: The shopping list


Remember, you don’t need to buy ALL this food -- choose foods that you like and will use.  And then, switch them up weekly or monthly, so you’re not eating the exact same thing all year long!



In your mini fridge:

Part-skim string cheese -- eat as-is with a piece of fruit; wrapped in a piece of deli turkey for a snack; or break into pieces and sandwich between two slices of toast (or a tortilla) and microwave for a grilled cheese

Low-fat plain (not vanilla!) yogurt -- with fruit and almonds for a snack; with cereal, fruit, and almonds for breakfast (or lunch or dinner)

Baby carrots -- dip into hummus or peanut butter for a quick snack; eat with any meal to fit a veggie serving in

Hummus -- on bread (or tortilla) with a veggie burger and veggies for a quick dinner; on a turkey sandwich; for a snack, eat with carrots or spread on a piece of whole wheat toast or pita

Almonds -- eat a handful for a quick snack (or pair with fruit); toss into cereal with fruit for a meal

1%, skim, almond, or soy milk -- use instead of yogurt with cereal, fruit, nuts

All-natural peanut or almond butter -- spread on a piece of fruit or toast for a snack; layer on toast (or tortilla) and top with banana for a quick breakfast

Roasted turkey breast lunch meat -- in a sandwich with hummus and whole grain bread (or a wrap with a tortilla, hummus, string cheese); wrap around a stick of string cheese for a snack (can dip in hummus too)

Pre-cooked chicken breast -- add to pasta and veggies; fill a whole wheat tortilla with chicken, lettuce and tomato; or add to canned vegetable soup.  


In your freezer:

Mixed veggies -- Thaw in microwave and toss into mac n cheese or whole grain pasta; serve with a veggie burger; mix with pre-cooked chicken; or top with cheese as a snack

Mixed berries -- Add to cereal with nuts for a meal; add to yogurt for a snack; or mix with yogurt into a smoothie if you have a blender!

Veggie burgers -- Heat in the microwave and eat as a sandwich for a quick lunch/dinner; or heat and eat as-is for an easy snack

Frozen burritos -- they’re not all created equally though!  For a healthy burrito try Amy’s Organic brand or Evol burritos in Fire Grilled Chicken Fajita, Veggie Curry, Cilantro Lime Chicken, or Veggie Fajita varieties

Frozen waffles -- Toast and top with peanut butter and banana or top with yogurt and berries and nuts


On your counter/shelf:

Whole grain bread -- toast and spread with almond or peanut butter for a snack; fill 2 slices with peanut butter and banana as a take-to-class lunch/dinner; use as the bun for a veggie burger; toast and microwave with cheese for a simple grilled cheese sandwich; layer with cheese and sliced tomato for a quick snack.

Whole grain tortillas -- spread with peanut/almond butter and banana and roll up for an easy breakfast; fill with turkey, hummus, and cheese for a wrap; fill with beans, cheese, veggies for a burrito; microwave with cheese and veggies for a simple quesadilla

Whole grain cereal -- toss into a sandwich bag with dried fruit and nuts as a take-to-class snack (make a bunch of these bags so you can grab-and-go...or toss the contents of one into yogurt for a fast breakfast); eat with milk, fruit, nuts for a quick meal

Whole wheat pasta  (if you have a hot plate) -- top with cheese and veggies for a snack; mix with veggies, cheese, and veggie burger for a well balanced lunch or dinner

Boxed mac ‘n cheese -- make with half the butter or trans fat free margarine and add microwaved frozen veggies and beans or chopped veggie burger.  Annie’s Naturals makes a great whole wheat mac n cheese!  

Canned beans (white, garbanzo, black, kidney, vegetarian refried - regular refried are made with lard!) -- toss into pasta with cheese and veggies for a meal; eat with veggies for a snack;  eat with a chopped up veggie burger and veggies; make a quick burrito by adding black beans to a whole wheat wrap with shredded cheddar and salsa - heat in the microwave

Canned seafood (tuna, salmon, crab): Mix with light mayonnaise and chopped celery, then spread on toast or crackers, fill in a pita or wrap for a quick and protein packed lunch or dinner.   

Microwavable brown rice:  Add to burritos with beans, cheese, and veggies; eat with veggies and veggie burger for lunch/dinner; mix w dried fruit, nuts, milk for alternative to oatmeal

Dried fruit such as raisins, cranberries, apricots -- add to cereal and nuts to make trail mix; add to cereal with milk or yogurt; eat with almonds for a simple snack

Fresh fruit (bananas, apples, oranges, etc.) -- take a piece to class as a snack; pair with peanut/almond butter, string cheese, or almonds as a balanced and simple snack; sandwich between bread slices with peanut/almond butter for a portable meal