Nutrition Communications & Consulting

We work with the food industry, trade organizations, cosmetic and appliance companies, and the media/publishing. In all instances we lend our unique perspective and skill set translating the science of nutrition and the joy of eating into relatable and evidence-based messaging.

With 15 years of nutrition consulting experience, we’ve worked with both established and emerging food, beverage, and wellness brands to provide nutrition and wellness communications leadership across functions, including consumer education, health professional and influencer communications, and advisement to marketing, sales, advertising, nutrition analysis, research, and product development teams.

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Let Us Help You With…

  • Recipe development & nutrient analysis 

  • Nutrition advisement for product development

  • Food & nutrition video production

  • Nutrition content planning across multiple platforms

  • Internal nutrition communications

  • Employee wellness planning

  • Meal plan creation

  • Nutrition program development

  • Front facing brand representation & strategic wellness partnerships

  • Evidence-based key messaging guides

  • Social media partnerships 

  • Regulatory-friendly food labeling claims

A Sampling of Clients Present and Past… 

  • Bumble Bee Foods
  • McCormick
  • LOLA
  • Crisp Tools
  • SUJA
  • USA Pears
  • National Processed Raspberry Council
  • Dave’s Killer Bread
  • National Peanut Board
  • Kerrygold USA
  • Healthy Mama Brand
  • Conde Nast Digital
  • SELF Magazine
  • Prevention Magazine
  • Better Homes & Gardens Magazine
  • Shape Magazine
  • Real Simple Magazine
  • Epicurious
  • Eating Well Magazine
  • Flieshman Hilliard
  • Flywheel
  • Geary Interactive
  • PopSugar Fitness
  • Prevention Magazine
  • Recipe Rehab
  • Rodale