Month: September 2016

Oatmeal Cookie Energy Bites

Make a batch or two of these delicious and portable energy bites on the weekend and use them as healthy snacks throughout the week to beat between-meal hunger. Or, pair two energy bites with a small nonfat latte for an on-the-go breakfast that will keep you energized all morning.
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Vanilla Cinnamon Overnight Oats

In this recipe, the oats soak up the milk overnight, softening them, so there’s no need to cook! This healthy breakfast is made in 5 minutes the night before…so you can grab-n-go on busy mornings.


Cooking with Kids…An Interview with Kelly Rowland!

Last week we got the opportunity to chat with Kelly Rowland about all things cooking with kids, healthy eating, grocery shopping, and home-cooked meal related. She’s partnered with Uncle Ben’s to celebrate their Ben’s Beginners program, an awesome movement working to get parents to connect with their children through cooking and to promote healthful eating. […] Read more…