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At-Home Yoga Poses for New Moms with Kristin McGee

We’re so excited to share this guest post by the amazing celebrity yoga and pilates instructor and mom to brand new twin boys (plus a 3.5 year old!), Kristin McGee. Her new book, Chair Yoga, offers up 100 yoga poses and exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere, in/with a chair, in just minutes a day (shout […] Read more…


How to Get “In Shape” After Baby

Healthy after baby

This is a question we get SO often from friends, family, and clients. Most moms find their worlds completely flipped upside down after having a child. In addition to a new amazing kind of love, it’s likely that you’ll also experience the kind of sleep deprivation that could drive anyone mad. And in moments when […] Read more…


Watch Your Language: Positive Self-Talk

As the year winds to a close and many of us are reflecting on the year almost behind us, we want to talk about an important topic comes up often when we’re working with our private practice clients. That topic is self-talk. The way you talk to yourself, that inner dialogue that happens between you […] Read more…


Why you should eat well during pregnancy: Interview with a Midwife


One of the awesome things about writing and promoting our Healthy, Happy Pregnancy Cookbook  (a food as medicine approach to eating and cooking for the healthiest pregnancy) has been connecting with other women’s healthcare professionals, specifically those focusing pre- and postnatal care and childbirth. We recently had the opportunity to get-to-know and interview Risa Klein, […] Read more…


Personal Challenge: Set Healthy Reminders

Sometimes it seems that despite our best efforts to simplify things, life keeps getting busier and busier. And not necessarily in a negative way, but in the way that make us feel like we better get uber organized or the wheels might start to come off! With these busy lives we lead, it’s so important to take […] Read more…


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